Poverty rate:


out of the total population.


  • Sending country: About 801,000 Hondurans, or 8.35% of its population, reside abroad mainly in the US (82%), Spain (7.2%), and Mexico (2%). 

  • Destination country: Around 39,000 immigrants or 0.41% of the total population live in Honduras. The main countries of origin are El Salvador (23%), Nicaragua (20.27%), and the US (18%).

  • Transit country: Salvadoran migrants, and to a lesser extent Nicaraguan migrants and migrants from Caribbean, South American, Asian, and African countries  transit Honduras en route to the US.  

  • Host country for refugees: In October 2019, Honduras signed an agreement to be a “Safe Third Country” to receive and protect asylum seekers from Cuba and Nicaraguan seeking to reach the US.


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  • Border closures and increased surveillance measures.

  • Honduras signs an agreement with the US to be a “Safe Third Country”, but asylum claims determination procedures are suspended due to the pandemic. 

  • Border security is increased to prevent transit of irregularized migrants.

  • Honduras and Nicaragua established the Regional Contingency Plan in which they plan to manage migration flows and implement security measures during the pandemic. 

  • The Emergency Operations Commission (COE) was activated within the tourist, migration and customs institutions. The Commission implements measures of surveillance of travelers to prevent the spread of  COVID-19 across borders.

  • Migration offices remain closed due to quarantine, except for cargo transportation and supplies for the population.

  • Immigration authorities reinforced border control to stop the movement of Salvadorans.

  • Cooperation agreements continued to receive Honduran deportees from the US during the pandemic.

  • A Temporary Isolation Center is set up for Hondurans deported from Mexico and/or the US so they can socially distance and stay in quarantine for 2 weeks.

  • So far, no explicit measures have been taken to support Honduran migrants abroad.

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