Poverty rate:


out of the total population.


  • Sending country: About 680,000 Nicaraguans, or 11% of the population, reside abroad mainly in the US. (44%), Costa Rica (43%), and Spain (4%). 

  • Destination country: Around 43,000 immigrants or 0.65% of the total population live in Nicaragua. The main countries of origin are Honduras (31%), Costa Rica (27%), and the US (9%).

  • Transit country: migrants from Central American, Caribbean, South American, Asian, and African countries  transit Nicaragua en route to the US.   


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  • The Sandinista government keeps thousands of tourists actively entering Nicaragua through cruises without restriction. 

  • As of March 25, Nicaragua and Honduras reinforced border points of entry establishing coordination and cooperation mechanisms in areas such as health, security, containment, and treatment of COVID-19 and other rapidly spreading diseases.

  • Nicaraguan Army closes blind spots at the land and naval border with Costa Rica due to the pandemic.

  • The Nicaraguan Army keeps unauthorized crossings closed at the southern border with Costa Rica, preventing the entry of Nicaraguan deportees and/or returnees, but they keep the borders open for merchandise trade.

  • Costa Rica and Nicaragua agreed to establish mechanisms to share information on the current health situation.

  • Nicaraguan exiles in Costa Rica launch an S.O.S initiative to face the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • So far, no explicit measures have been taken to support Nicaraguan migrants abroad.

  • Internally: 

    • There is no declaration of a state of emergency in Nicaragua. 

    • Daniel Ortega's government has prohibited health centers, doctors and nurses to use personal protection equipment (PPE) such as gloves and masks to treat patients to avoid creating unnecessary alarms.

    • Staff were also instructed not to give any information about the disease to avoid creating a state of collective hysteria.

  • The country is a contagion bomb. The health authorities recognize 16 cases and 5 deaths, while the Citizen Observatory, a civil society organization, already reports near 800 cases of infection in the country.

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